Website Developer Sued By ‘Grambling’

Website developer Sheree Rabon has officially been served by the Lincoln Parish Sheriff, Docket Number: C-54583: Third Judicial District Lincoln Parish, signed by Ed Jones mayor pro temp on behalf of the City of Grambling from the office of Attorney James B. Colvin.

Rabon, who was hired to build a website for Grambling is now being sued by Grambling.  However a question of legality in the filing of this lawsuit is at play – is this lawsuit on behalf of the City of Grambling or the Grambling Council?  As CEO, Grambling Mayor says this lawsuit is illegal:

“This is public intimidation by city officials trying to use a position in office to harrass a private citizen.  Both Ed Jones and James Colvin are public officials.

They both should know they have no legal authority to file this lawsuit on behalf of the City of Grambling because Ed Jones is only a Council Member who serves in the capacity as Mayor Pro Temp in the absence of the Mayor.  I am NOT absent or incapacitated in any way.

Ed Jones is interfering once again in the City’s day to day operations and this is yet another attempt by the Grambling City Attorney to strong arm the Mayor. This website is for security and transparency purposes.  What is Ed Jones trying to hide?  They did not ask for any input from me and I will not pay for this, Ed Jones can pay for this, this is the Council’s lawsuit.

According to the Lawrason Act Ed Jones says he knows so well, only the mayor is authorized to initiate a lawsuit on behalf of the City of Grambling, and this is a clear violation of the law and usurpation of my authority” says Andrus.

According to the Louisiana Election Code these intimidating actions could also be considered a criminal election offense.


Editorial:  Economic Development Or Counter Development?

Is this also another attempt by the Council to hinder economic development in Grambling?  The Council has already blocked Grambling and Grambling State University from being able to receive high speed broadband and a localized business that would have provided that service in Grambling and to surrounding areas.

At the very least the lawsuit against Rabon has the appearance of being a complete break from campaign promises to bring more business into the City of Grambling made by current council member/mayoral candidates and certain council candidates seeking re-election.

Why is there such a tremendous effort to block or hinder Rabon at the expense of Grambling’s taxpayers?  Sheree Rabon is a tax paying citizen who at the request of Mayor Andrus happens to be establishing security protocols to seal certain breaches in Grambling’s computerized financial system and implement the transparency that City officials promised to provide.

Is this Council trying to hide something, and if so WHAT?  At the last quarter of 2010, were is the Council’s focus on making sure the Grambling City Accountant Willie Mabry gets Grambling’s books ready for the 2009 audit?  The auditor has made two attempts in the past month to conduct an audit and the books still aren’t ready?  Where’s the righteous indignation for THAT?

The Council doesn’t appear to care about the books being done and blocking an attempt to make the books transparent to the public. WHY?  That’s not economic development, that’s economic counter-development, and the more this matter gets investigated the more it looks like collusion. Seems to this writer, if you were so adamant about proving how corrupt the Mayor is, you’d be pushing to get the audit done – not holding back!

If there is corruption, theft, fraud and negligence by the Grambling Mayor the way that the Grambling Council claims, then push your City Accountant to get the doggone books prepared, reprimand him if he fails to come through and get somebody else to do the job so the audit can get done, and let the chips fall where they may!

In addition, a frivolous and baseless lawsuit could cost Grambling way more than it would recover IF something could even be recovered.  Forcing Rabon to get a lawyer would most likely result in a counter suit which escalates costs to Grambling citizens, and even higher costs to Grambling citizens if Rabon wins –and this is a real possibility.

Is this decision to sue Rabon being made by the majority of Grambling citizens who are paying for it, or is this lawsuit being made by a vast minority who pay virtually nothing out of their own pockets but with taxpayer money?  Is this lawsuit what Grambling’s citizens really want?  Now is your chance to speak up Grambling, think about it!

With Rabon being the only minority female vendor doing business with Grambling, such aggressive actions by the all-male Council against her opens the City of Grambling up to the possibility of even greater liability at the expense of who else but the tax payers.

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One thought on “Website Developer Sued By ‘Grambling’”

  1. Dang! What is up with Willie Mabry? Everytime there is drama it seems he is at the head of it. Give Ms. Rabon a break. What is in the water in Grambling that has everyone losing their common sense? MERCY!

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