Mabry Prior Rape Conviction Confirmed

Both Baltimore City Police and Baltimore County Police in Maryland verified  information stated on an FBI report about Willie E. Mabry regarding his prior arrest and conviction of 2nd Degree Rape back in 1979.  Rev. Mabry is the pastor of Zion Traveler’s Baptist Church in Monroe, LA and the Accountant for the City of Grambling, LA.

On this  afternoon of October 7, 2010 Detective Dottie Moses from the Public Affairs Department of the Baltimore City Police and, Corporal Hill from the Baltimore County Police in Towson, MD called The Fount simultaneously (literally) to confirm Mabry’s criminal record.

According to the FBI file, Mabry was convicted 1980-01-08 on a guilty plea and received 6 months on a suspended sentence for that 1979 offense. It is unclear at present as to whether that sentence was plead down from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Mabry’s  1979 rape conviction was prior to when national sex offender registration laws went into effect in 1994,  but a continual pattern of deviant and predatory behavior over the years may have emerged.

In our previous article entitled “Grambling City Accountant Accused Of Child Molestation” Felicia Mabry, the estranged wife of Willie Mabry says that her daughter told her Mabry assaulted her back in June of this year and, alleged that local judges attending Mabry’s church were in prominent positions there and protecting Mabry.

Five hours after this story was published, Felicia Mabry received a phone call from the investigating officer requesting a DNA test for the child in question. This comes 3 months after Felicia Mabry’s initial complaint to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Department and, according to the District Attorney’s office to date, the matter is still under investigation.

The FBI report also showed Mabry was arrested in March of 1974 for rape.  This coincides with a news story by another publication local to Monroe, called the Monroe Free Press which stated Mabry was arrested by the Baltimore City Police in 1974 for rape but not convicted.  The FBI report also had no conviction listed.

In addition, Felicia Mabry states while being married to him two years ago Willie Mabry was fired from Amedisys Hospice in Baton Rouge for sexual harassment and that two separate incidents were reported against him before being fired. Felicia Mabry says she was completely unaware of Mabry’s history until she “started putting two and two together.”

According to Grambling Mayor Martha Andrus, there is no mention of a prior arrest on Willie Mabry’s application for employment with the City of Grambling.  Andrus said “It is evident that Grambling Chief of Police Tommy Clark did not perform a thorough background check.”

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  1. Hmmmm….POINT PROVEN?! This is just ridiculous! He should be locked up for being a habitual rapist?! Lock him up, hang him by the balls, and throw away the key?! This madness has got to stop?! I guess Sunday he will be preaching “Once Saved, Always Saved???” What does his little fan club have to say now? What? He slipped and FELL between the poor baby’s legs??? PITIFUL!!! I hope those men in jail take his body without consideration just as he did the people who he has violated. All of you RAPIST supporters, BRING IT?! I am officially PRO-WILLIE MABRY?! Lets let God deal with him. My prayers go out to Felicia Mabry and the poor poor baby that has already been exposed to this dirty dirty world…

    1. Felicia Mabry has you idiots all fooled. I am a licensed professional with access to just about every kind of file in Louisiana. Here are the facts:

      Felicia Darensbourg – Stanfield – Robinson – Hull -Lyons – (Mabry)
      …(and yes these are all married names) is a “nut case”. ASK ANY OF THESE MEN!!!

      She has at least 19 different aliases!!! Have you checked her out???

      She currently has a total of no less than five (5) psychiatric diagnoses. I urge you to please be very careful with letting her into your life!!!
      Here are a few of her certifications: …Personality Disorder with Schizoid Affect. Schizophrenia with Psychotic features and Bipolar disorder with frequent episodes of Paranoia.
      Mayor Anders and Rev. Dill, I urge you to be very careful when dealing with Felicia. I know her personally. While I believe that you may have some personal vendetta against Mr. Mabry, I have counseled with Felicia on several occasions. She often displayed delusions of grandeur, fantasizing that she loves to watch Lifetime Movie Network because it always had such good ideas on how to “destroy a man”. She often jokingly referred to herself as a woman who could easily ‘bring a man down”.

      As for the tape recorded message that you heard of xxxx, it is totally bogus!!! ; and by now I am pretty sure that xxxx has that information rehearsed and dredged in her mind. I happened to know that Felicia’s initial plan was to use one of the other children. However, that child declined stating “I don’t think I can do it”. Those children are terrified of her. Her own son won’t even come home to visit her from LSU because he is so glad to “be out of the house”.

      Felicia has been on a path to destroy Mr. Mabry for over a year now, with previous plans foiling, she resulted to child molestation – the one thing that would get everyone’s attention; Shame on you Felicia for making do this! Besides, what child, while being molested would be looking at a clock and say “oh it was “threeish”! Felicia, I know you!…you need to stop it now! There are a few tape recordings of you, you know. Always plotting and planning. Stop it, Felicia and let it go. As I told you when we met. RESOLVE YOUR OWN ISSUES FIRST! IT’S TIME TO GO BACK INTO TREATMENT….NOW! YOU ARE 5-6 HUSBANDS DOWN. LET IT GO!
      I implore you Mayor Anders to watch Felicia with a keen eye. You’ll be sorry when she turns on you!!! Look into her eyes…she’s nuts!

      I’ll have more blogs to post in the near future…because…”the half ain’t been told”!

      1. Hmm… You are a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL???? AND YOU PERSONALLY COUNSELED MRS. MABRY??? Well, where is your professional integrity? If, YOU counseled Mrs. Mabry, which we know you did not, then what does your post say about your willingness to violate confidentiality? Anyone who knows Mrs. Mabry knows that her son adores her and they talk daily and use EVERY opportunity to be together. They are the apple of each other’s eyes and they are closer than any mother and child that I have ever known. YOU NEVER counseled Mrs. Mabry about anything. If you had… have you ever heard of HIPPA? Oops… can you say lawsuit? You better slow your roll. Now, I don’t know where you got those names above but only ONE of them has ANYTHING to do with Mrs. Mabry. AGAIN, you are yet another won soul for the DEVIL. Satan should be so prould of Willie Mabry for increasing his army. Well, if you KNOW that Felicia got this child to rehearse her allegations, why didn’t YOU go to the authorities and report her? Even if these allegations hadn’t been made, how do you explain Willie Mabry’s problems at Grambling? How do you explain away the FACT that WILLIE MABRY IS A CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST? Oh, I guess the FBI lies too? WILLIE MABRY has been married THREE times but you don’t mention that and so what! It isn’t a crime to be married. Ask Liz Taylor… last time I checked she was still free. I still ask you to expose a single crime that Mrs. Mabry has committed. YOU CAN NOT! 19 different aliases? You are beyond delusional. So she has aliases for crimes that she never committed because she is on the run for no reason at all? Get a life. YOU NEED TO PRAY AS WE ALL DO FOR A RESOLUTION IN THIS MATTER. You don’t know what went on within the walls of that home. You don’t have enough sense to get on your knees but instead you waste energy concocting slanderous lies. YOUR PASTOR HAS BEEN EXPOSED AS A PEDOPHILE AND ALL YOU GOT ON MRS. MABRY IS THAT SHE WATCHED A LIFETIME MOVIE??? Seems you will be the one getting counseling when all is said and done.

      2. Maybe Felicia Mabry’s son wanted to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE because of Willie Mabry!? You personally know of Mrs. Mabry putting a child up to this? “I don’t think I can do it.”??????? If you witnessed such a thing, why didn’t you go right to the police ,or to the church, or to your pastor, or to some of those places where you have access to every kind of file in Louisiana? You are a fraud.

      3. First you say Mrs. Mabry has had multiple husbands. So then, she obviously doesn’t have a problem with letting go and moving on. Then you say she has been on a path to destroy Willie Mabry for over a year. That doesn’t make sense when she could just leave as you suggest she has done in the past with all these husbands. What would it benefit her to stay in a marriage for over a year just to destroy Mr. Mabry? The pattern doesn’t fit. Your entire post is irrational.

      4. Please stop all this slander. Do not talk about Mrs. Mabry or this child anymore. Pray for Mrs. Mabry and for Mr. Mabry and let the process work itself out! That is what God wants us to do at this time. I am disappointed that my members of Zion Traveler Baptist Church would engage in such wicked and evil comments against Mrs. Mabry. That is not what the church should be about. We should all be in prayer at this time. The church is hanging on by a thread as it is and you slandering Mrs. Mabry is NOT helping. Please use this time to pray. All that needs to be revealed will be done in God’s time. We have a lot of work to do but this is not the way. I am truly saddened.

      5. Mrs. Mabry could have been married 25 times, she could be 50 different kinds of crazy but at the end of the day she has committed no crime and WILLIE MABRY WILL STILL BE A CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST. I’d probably be crazy too if I had to deal with that piece of $#^!. Hey, Mrs. Mabry… I like LifeTime movies too!!!

      6. You are sooooo dumb! Hull is Mrs. Mabry’s father’s last name. So I guess Mrs. Mabry married her own daddy too? Dumb, dumb dumb! Give it up. Willie Mabry is a habitual sex offender and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. The more you try to talk about Mrs. Mabry, the dumber YOU look and the real ignorance and desperation of that church begins to show. DUMB!

      7. “I counseled Felicia on several occasions…” Then you turn around and say “I NEVER said that I ‘professionally counseled’ Mrs. Mabry. Then you say “I am NOT GOVERNED BY HIPPA” but you claim to have counseling credentials to the point where you offer an ‘expert’ opinion in this matter but basic regulations don’t apply to you and you then say “fortunately, I am not a member of the church” which shows that you have no genuine interest in the church but only in discrediting Mrs. Mabry to no avail. All of this energy and WILLIE MABRY IS STILL A CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTING RAPIST… Go figure?

      8. I had stated that I was done with this article, but it sickens me to see how most of you are trying to take the focus off the real issue here. The hideous crime that has taken place is about the little girl and Pastor Willie Mabry; not Felicia Mabry. As a Minister of the Gospel, we should ask ourselves WWJD? Would Jesus sit around pointing fingers…NO!!! Would he uphold the unrighteous…NO!!! Jesus would pray!!! Additionally, Jesus would say let those without sin cast the first stone… I don’t believe anyone here is without sin. Therefore, we should not be casting any stones. Again, I say PUSH (PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS). Pray for the truth to prevail. STOP looking to man (Willie Mabry) and START looking up to God. Man will forsake you but GOD will never forsake you.

      9. To DumbandDumber and know that should be your name and not FeliciaMabryHasYouAllFooled. I talked to this child for myself. There is NO WAY that baby is lying. No matter how much truth and right slaps you in the face, there will always be one dummy in the bunch. You never even spoke to this child. You should change your name to WILLIEMABRYHASMEFOOLEDCAUSEIAMBLINDASABAT You are throwing out guesses, your feelings and speculation while the rest of us are bringing facts. Well, I guess every village needs its idiot.

      10. Who is Robinson??? Felicia Mabry has never been married to anyone named Robinson! I have known this lovely woman for 38 years. Wow, you people are really desperate. Geez…

      11. Felicia Mabry’s son gave her a surprise birthday party this weekend. That doesn’t sound like a son who wants to get away from his mom to me. He loves his mom a LOT. I have known Mrs. Mabry for 38 years. Man, you people are desperate and malicious. Ya’ll don’t know this woman. She is the sweetest person I know. She is beautiful both outside and inside.

      12. Darensbourg is Mrs. Mabry’s mother’s name. And, yet there goes another ridiculous theory down the drain. I guess Mrs. Mabry married her mother too!

      13. This is just getting silly. Mr. Lyons is the father of Mrs. Mabry’s children and ALL of her children have the same father. She was with him for over seventeen years. What is the issue? You need to stop worrying about Mrs. Mabry and start worrying about Mr. Mabry cause she ain’t the problem. You got her marrying her momma and her daddy and everybody. If you looked as good as she does, maybe someone would want you too. You need to hide your daughters, your wives and your husbands cause Willie Mabry is raping everything that moves up in Monroe.

      14. Can we get back to the word of God? James 1:13 says, ‘Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man.’ Willie Mabry has done things that are NOT of God because God does not lead us into temptation. Temptation is a tool of Satan. Willie Mabry has the power to turn all of this around for himself. He should be on his knees and asking God for forgiveness. I have seen Mrs. Mabry praying for him and I have prayed with her and I know that she forgives him. I have seen Mrs. Mabry telling this child to pray for forgiveness for what has happened. Willie Mabry is fighting like a caged animal but Mrs. Mabry continues to stay at peace and to lift him up in prayer. It is my belief that this is spiritual warfare and that the matter ultimately is not about Willie Mabry either. Satan can use any of us. Galatians 6:3 says, ‘For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.’ It seems, this church, as many churches do, held their pastor in high esteem to the point of not seeking God for themselves as our Saviour requires us to do. John 5:44 also says, ‘How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God ONLY?’ To terminate your children’s healthcare is just wrong Willie Mabry and you wonder why God is dealing with you this way? I have been lead to share this with you Reverend… Proverbs 28:13 says, ‘he that covereth his sins, shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.’ Finally, Isaiah 55:6-7 states, ‘Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near: Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly parden.’ Rev. Mabry, your fellow clergymen are here to support you but we can not do so when we see how you are trying to destroy Mrs. Mabry and the innocent children. My brother, we (clergy) must practice what we preach. Matthew 5:19 ‘Whosoever therefore shall break one of these last commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.’ We must be obedient to his word. Restore your own soul, restore the state by which you left your family to the best of your ability and restore the faith of your members by leading by example even in this. My brother, many people are praying for you but you have to help yourself. We are looking to you to be a great example for the masses at this time and we WILL stand with you if YOU will only do the right thing in the eyes of God. Galatians 6:2 ‘Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.’ Our prayers are with you pastor during this difficult time. However, you have the power sir. James 5:19-20 ‘Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.’ Pastor, we can’t help you until you do the right thing and help yourself. You don’t have to go through this alone. May God bless and keep Rev. and Mrs. Mabry.

      15. whoever you are please call me my name is kimberly darensbourg five zero four four three five seven three five eight im the sister of the said child

  2. So let me get this straight. This is the same accountant that Mayor Pro Temp of Grambling, Ed Jones, forced back upon Mayor Andrus in 2008 claiming he was ‘a whistle blower’? Didn’t she fire him for something similar, like he strong armed her or was not doing his job, could not do his job? Seems like he has not done his job still, by the way. Where’s the audit report. Are the city’s attorneys trying to figure that out? I’m just saying.

    Now, how bout these sexual deviant patterns emerging here? If he has this many separate charges and now a little innocent girl, plus one more recently in 2007 according to that Free Press Paper, does Ed Jones still want him to be the town’s accountant? Of course he does but now that this is out, Mabry maybe out? Forget why the real mayor said that he needed to go, right? Why?

    What on Earth would make him/them want to protect a man of this sort? Why didn’t Ed Jones and Roosevelt Bryant call a ‘press conference’ for this news? They sure do seem to love to call the media despite what the Attorney General said and the mayor, for that matter.

    Why isn’t Scott Boatright covering or at least inquiring? Where in the blank is Daisy O’Donnell of KTVE FOX News 10 now? Didn’t she do a spin on a ‘sex chat line’ based on a typorgraphical error that Pamela Stringfellow, by way of Ed Jones, gave her the lead on’? Some real uncuth people and one of them wants to be the mayor of Grambling after all of this! Jeeze.

    This is the real news chumps! Oh, where are those City’s Attorneys? Did the City’s Attorneys, Colvin and Breedlove know about this? Hmm. They do some pretty thorough digging in everything else and then bill the city. Why didn’t they figure out THIS man’s past when the mayor of Grambling fired him? Just saying.

    How was he hired in the first place? Don’t Grambling conduct background checks on employees before hiring? The police station is right there in the same building.

    Chit-Chatt is angry and disgusted

    1. Chill out Chit…

      You’re getting on the bandwagon, too! Just wait, I don’t want to disclose too much too soon. Read my previous blog. This is as much of a hoax as the “acid in the face girl”. Think about it… would you have waited 3 months to take your child to have a DNA/physical examine done to determine any foul play???
      Heyll to the NO! You would have been down at the SANE (sexual assaulth nurse examiner’s) office or ER….or some dang where, pronto! Felicia didn’t take that child in until after she got her to rehearse and record everything she concocted on a dang gone tape, oops! I said that I would wait… There are plenty of “holes” in this story… I promise you!!!

      …half aint’ been told…see you soon!

      1. You can’t read or something. The article said that five hours after publishing the article, Mrs. Mabry RECEIVED a call from the investigating officer requesting DNA. It did not say that Mrs. Mabry waited three months before contacting investigators. Obviously, if Mrs. Mabry RECEIVED a call, she had to have been working with authorities all along. Did YOU SEE anyone rehearse or record? Didn’t think so. It amazes me how so many people have come together on Mrs. Mabry’s behalf to expose all of your lies. Like someone else posted… WILLIE MABRY IS STILL A CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST and you STILL have not addressed that fact.

      2. Half AIN’T been told but I’m gonna tell it! Willie Mabry was kicked out of Felicia Mabry’s house by the Ouachita Parish Sheriff Department and told NOT to return. Not only did he return but he stole her clothes and other personal items, stopped buying food, stopped paying bills, turned off all utilities, dropped health coverage for the family, stole Mrs. Mabry’s medication and the children’s medications, didn’t provide any longer for the family financially, didn’t buy those kids so much as a pencil for school! I am sorry, I promised Mrs. Mabry I wouldn’t go there but enough is enough! If the Ouachita Sheriff Department said he was no longer fit to run his own house why is ZTBC still letting him run God’s house? Mrs. Mabry asked the church for assistance and ZION TRAVELER BAPTIST CHURCH TURNED HER AWAY! They told her that she was no longer a member! The Bible I read tells me that we are all a ‘member’ of God’s family. Everything Willie Mabry tries to do to hurt or discredit Mrs. Mabry only makes her case stronger. He is just mad cause he got exposed but Mrs. Mabry can go get health insurance, clothes, a new place to live, food etc. God takes care of His own. The devil takes care of his own too and that is why Rev. Mabry is in the mess he is in. Until he does right by Mrs. Mabry, that child and that church… every evil thing will come back to him ten thousand times over. The grave he is trying to dig for Mrs. Mabry he can dig a hundred times as deep for himself! The same God that protected that little girl and watched him do what he did to her is the same God that will protect her and Mrs. Mabry even now and Willie Mabry, you can’t BEAT GOD!

  3. GRACE S… I didn’t say that I “professionally counseled” Felicia Mabry… YOU DID!
    FURTHER, I AM NOT GOVERNED BY HIPPA!!! The information I have on Felicia Mabry can be accessed by all if you know how to get it! But it sounds like you already have! Ask the boy… I have already, and it wasn’t Mr. Mabry he was afraid of!…….again, the “half ain’t been told”!

    1. You said that ‘I am licensed professional’ and then you said ‘I have counseled with Felicia on several occasions’. Then you posted ‘I didn’t say I “professionally counseled” Felicia Mabry. You are confused!!!! Maybe YOU need counseling. I’m sure Willie Mabry is available.

  4. Deacon:
    For the record, and fortunately I am not a member of your church. I know Felicia from south Louisiana (BR) to be exact….and it was not surprising to see all of these events transpire. It is not surprising to the folks down here who know her. I digress on one valid point that you made WMIACR…once I saw where the things she said in the past were going, I SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING SOONER! HIND SIGHT IS AN INTERESTING THING…AND WHO KNEW???!!!???

    1. Obviously you didn’t report anything about Mrs. Mabry because you had nothing to report then and you still haven’t said anything. She got married, shopped, went on a vacation, married her daddy, blah, blah, blah… You are deranged! You claim ‘who knew?’ Who knew what? WELL WHO KNEW WILLIE MABRY WAS A HABITUAL CHILD MOLESTING SEX OFFENDING REPEAT CHILD RAPIST AND YOU STILL WON’T DEAL WITH THAT! And, when you are done trying to explain away that one just know WILLIE MABRY HAS COMMITTED ILLEGAL ACTS AT THE CITY OF GRAMBLING AS WELL… so feel free to explain that too! Stick with the FACTS! You said Mrs. Mabry married someone named Hull. That is her father! If you truly knew Mrs. Mabry… THEN YOU WOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT! Your credibility (as if you ever had any) has been destroyed!

    2. Woman you bout crazy! Regarding Mrs. Mabry you said ‘I know Felicia from South Louisiana (BR) to be exact…. and it was not surprising to see all of these events transpire.’ Then you turn around and say ‘AND WHO KNEW????!!!???’ Make up your mind. Either you know the woman or you don’t. OOPS, you clearly don’t know Mrs. Mabry because you said that Mr. Hull was her ex-husband when in fact he is her biological FATHER! Your lies are being exposed just like Willie Mabry’s. Anyone who knows Mrs. Mabry would know that! You still have yet to address WILLIE MABRY AND HIS PRIOR RAPE CONVICTIONS! Defend that!

  5. @ WMIACR: I digress on one valid point that you made WMIACR…once I saw where the things she said in the past were going, I SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING SOONER! HIND SIGHT IS AN INTERESTING THING…AND WHO KNEW???!!!??? That she really, actually meant it??? Felicia I’m just begging you to stop this madness! TREATMENT!!! TREATMENT!!!

  6. Willie Mabry ain’t just hurt that lil’ girl. Other females been hurt too. I know he did it cause I know what he did at Amedisys. He got fired. He was harassing them nurses and I know what I SAW! He is the most evil thing that ever slithered out of hell. MAY HE ROT! For all the other victims, now is your time to speak out. Contact the Monroe authorities. Snatch that wicked wretch out of the pulpit and put him back into the jail cells of hell where he belongs.

  7. Mrs. Mabry, those of us who truly know YOU know that these lies are just that. We support you because we know who you truly are. Thank you for fighting for your child and for all the children who will never be harmed because of your strength and courage in exposing this pedophile for what he truly is. This is clearly not the first time such allegations have been made. The greatest predictor of future behavior can be determined by past behavior. Willie Mabry’s past has proven to include convicitons of rape, child molestation, stealing, deceit and sexual harassment. You would have to be blind not to recognize the pattern in the allegations brought forth by this little girl. Willie Mabry’s OWN actions have given this child credibility. I have looked this child in the eyes as she told me her story. This child is no liar. A child could not make up the details of the incident as this child did. Attempting to slander Mrs. Mabry may make you feel better but Willie Mabry is the only proven criminal here. The best way to fight for Willie Mabry is to demand swift justice within the judicial system and to pray. All he really has left is a prayer.


    1. Fact Finder,

      In regards to your previous post regarding Mr. and Mrs. Mabry that particular post was deleted. We understand your hurt, and respect your opinions in this matter but please note this is a Christian blog; certain things go against good convictions and Christian values such as condemning somebody to hell and profanity. While we recognize there is a time and a place for rebuke, OUR ultimate mission is evangelical. We have a particular understanding of the eternal terrors of hell and urgently seek to save people by pointing to our sole source of salvation which is Jesus.

      Allowing posts which condemn people to hell is counterproductive to this mission, and the Great Commission to which we’ve been assigned by God. We highly recommend you deal with the DEVILS that use people rather than the personality conducting such evil acts by binding those demons in the spirit-realm and releasing the power, presence and protection of God’s warring angels over the ones we see being used like puppets on a string –this is what we really want, and this is how God told us to do it: stop the devils in their tracks by rebuking THEM, binding them, commanding them to vacate and to cease and desist all acts of evil against us, etc. Speak to the demons in the name of Jesus by the power of His shed blood, and tell them according to that power, they MUST obey you!

  9. Willie Mabry, Edward Jones, Pam Stringfellow, Roosevelt Bryant, and Tommy Clark are THIEVES, LIARS, and Manipulative COWARDS!!!!!!…

    Public servants my ar$$e! You get it crooked; you lose it crooked – Real Talk!!

  10. Reverend Willie Mabry is alleged to have sexually molested this little girl who so affectionately called him, “Daddy”. His prior convictions and allegations and firings for sexual harassment make the allegations seem to be more likely true than not. So, first you molest the little girl and then cancel her health insurance even though you KNOW she is asthmatic and needs daily medication! You have sat at the emergency room with her for asthma and know her daily health struggles. So it wasn’t enough that you scarred her emotionally but now you wish her dead too?!?!? My cousin won’t say it but you are a dirty man. I still don’t know how Felicia continues to lift you in prayer! You even terminated Felicia’s health benefits knowing she needs daily medication to prevent her breast cancer from returning. Felicia can pray for you and she can ask God to forgive you but I can not! I just can’t do it. My cousin does not deserve this and that child has done nothing but love you. If you think God is pleased by what you have done… think again! Remember that you have children too! God forbid that your actions should curse future generations. What goes around comes back around. The bible says that we reap what we sow. You can’t sow evil and expect good. The shame and disgrace that you have brought is mind blowing. All I’m going to say is Willie Mabry needs to stop letting the devil make a fool out of him.

  11. …and another thing. Who ever stole my cousin’s clothes, and you KNOW who you are, you are wrong. You went into a house that did NOT belong to you and you entered a closet that had items in it that you did NOT buy and you removed these clothes and other articles from the premises illegally. That house is in my cousin’s name ONLY, Felicia Mabry. Willie Mabry is too tall to wear a size 9/10 in female clothes so he had to give them to somebody! Willie Mabry was the only other person with a key! He went in there after the police told him not to (under any circumstances)! So all I am going to say is this: Who ever has these items, I suggest you turn them over to a church deacon or the Sheriff or somebody. Not only is Willie Mabry crooked but he has turned certain other church members into committing crooked acts with him. But, GOD SEES ALL! You stole precious things that Felicia’s deceased mother had given to her. That is just wrong. If your pastor enables you to commit theft, just how much do you think he really cares about your salvation? This woman has lost all, in the natural eye but you best believe that she is so strong spiritually. I STILL DON’T KNOW HOW SHE PRAYS FOR HIM BUT I HAVE SEEN IT! To the one who took/stole the clothes just know that if you have ever experienced total loss, you should be ashamed before GOD and GOD will judge. This woman has three little children to provide for and has been left without a penny from Reverend Mabry. The church turned its back on Mrs. Mabry and those little children. On top of that, he cancelled her and that baby’s health insurance and on top of that, you let the devil get in your ear and tell you all of this is right to the point of taking her clothes on top of it all! You need to make it right. Even if Willie Mabry won’t do right, that doesn’t mean YOU can’t do right. God will judge each of us according to our works. I need to go pray cause I ain’t there yet. I can’t forgive just yet. Felicia, I admire your strength girl cause I ain’t the one.

  12. Felicia, I see you are up to your old tricks – using aliases to tromp up hateful scenarios regarding your husband, Rev. Mabry – GRACE S, ANGEL EYES, ETC. Well, someone, who has personally observed the actions of this man, have to tell the truth about your husband, Rev. Mabry. Moreover, if he is as bad as you say, exactly why did you marry him? Surely he could not have fooled YOU for the entire 4 YEARS you were married, but wait, I think you did say something about finding out his character two years after your marriage, BUT YOU STAYED TWO MORE YEARS!!!! UMMMMMM.

    Fess up Felicia – you know that your husband, Rev. Mabry and Zion Traveler Baptist Church members were instrumental in your recovery after surgery. The fact is they took care of you and treated you like the first lady they thought you were. They cared for your children – 24 women scheduled their time so that they could wash, iron and cook for you and your family. In addition, these women paid for a housekeeper for 10 weeks to clean your house and make sure the children’s dinner was prepared. Your husband was in Baton Rouge working. ZT members readily responded when Rev. Mabry called to make sure that his son was picked up from basketball practice or after a game at 11 and 12 o’clock at night.

    Do you remember Felicia, when members of the church drove you to Baton Rouge twice a month for treatments? During this time, other ZT members cared for your children while you were there. Actually, ZT church members took care of your children for more than 12 weeks for three nights a week. Rev. Mabry would be the only one to call asking about the children every night they were away from home. The children talked about “Daddy Willie” perming or shampooing their hair on Saturday or before church on Sunday morning.

    The children could call some families if the children had any needs at school, Daddy Willie would be call and it would be taken care of. I watched Rev. Mabry teach the children how to keep their rooms together, how to fold clothes, etc. on weekends. He was always concerned about the care for the children. He was really a hands-on father. He totally accepted his responsibilities as a father to these children and truly loved them. His pride at his or her accomplishments and achievements was no surprise to anyone. He would never do anything to hurt any of them. They know what he did for them and if they have not been poisoned by your vicious and hateful talk, they would readily express this.

    1. Ha ha ha! Where the ‘church folkS’ now? You still ain’t said TOO MUCH OF much about WILLIE MABRY pROVED CONVICTED FOR RAPING A LITTLE GIRL. You still ain’t said nothing about my cousin either. Our family takes care of our own and Felicia NEVER asked NOBODY To do a thing for her but even if you did… doesn’t the bible say that is what you supposed to do? You want glory for that? Ya’ll lied and talked about my cousin like the truth was no where in you. You want to talk about what the ‘church did’???? Okay… somebody in the church was sleeping with the REVEREND MABRY while Felicia was going thru surgeries, chemo and radiation to beat cancer. Somebody in the church stole her clothes and for you to be so defensive it MUST BE YOU! The man has prior convictions, IS A RAPIST, and everything you said he did proves MY point on how easy it was for him to fool every body … EVEN YOU! Even still… ain’t nobody on here yet defended his past convcted crimes. With all you just tried to say about Felicia, you just proved how easy it was for him to fool so many people. When Willie Mabry was at our last family gathering, every body talked about how nice he was. The devil is nice to til he get what he wants. I guess he would never hurt the child he was CONVICTED of raping either. Yeah… I bet he was REAL nice to her too. You are so blind to think he couldn’t do it again??? Woo hoo!!!! The devil is busy. YOU ARE RIGHT!!!! HE WAS A HANDS ON FATHER!!! HE PUT HIS HANDS ALL OVER THAT CHILD!!! and you are a FOOL if you don’t think it is possible.

    2. I want to know what it is about Willie Mabry that makes you think that he is above falling prey to Satan when the bible says that we all fall short. Not only that but his FBI record shows he is not a perfect man. I would be fooled too if he did all those nice things you say he did. IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE… IT PROBABLY IS.

    3. I know I have said several times that I was going to let this go but I’d like to make one final point. If Willie Mabry was so good to these children and truly loved and adored them as you say, then why did he cancel their health insurance when he knows they have medical issues and require daily medication?

  13. REVELATIONS 21:8 But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, THE SEXUALLY IMMORAL, sorcerers, idolaters and all liars their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfer, which is the second death.

    MATTHEW 7:15 Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are revenous wolves.

  14. So, let me get this straight. You say did so much for Felicia and somehow Willie Mabry is supposed to get credit for what YOU did? I don’t understand how whatever you did is supposed to exponge what he did or make him any less incapable of these allegations?

  15. Does anyone know if the church investigated further when he was fired from Amedisys for sexual harassment? Well, even if these allegations with this little girl would disappear over night, Willie Mabry still has a very shady past and life. Take the most recent allegations out of the picture and you will STILL see that Willie Mabry isn’t what many of us thought he was and for the record, this is NOT Felicia. You are still grasping at straws to try and make her look bad. I WAS A BRIDESMAID IN THEIR WEDDING. I can tell you first hand that he is extremely controlling and THAT HE PORTRAYS HIMSELF AS ONE THING WHEN IN THE PUBLIC EYE but he unleashes the devil behind closed doors. You answered your own question when you asked how could he fool people. You talked about how wonderful he was and all the kind things he did. Willie Mabry didn’t let you see any more or less than he wanted you to see. Only Felicia and those kids know what went on in that house. Now, you can go get the wedding program if you want to and you’ll see my name right on it. D.E.D.R.A.C.H. You can try and portray ZionTraveler as a perfect church if you want to as if you did so much for Felicia. Membership follows leadership and your leader is a convicted rapist and Felicia can’t be blamed for that.

  16. Hmmm – Is this why Mr. Mabry can’t seem to produce any work???… Now I wonder how a certain 3rd District Court Judge C. Wayne Smith feels right about now???

    Let’s see… Willie Mabry and Pam Stringfellow perjured themselves in their lawsuits to worm their way back into where the money was… Oh, but only after dipping in the till a bit, right? And lining up a few pockets, including the “police chief”, too?? (Wonder if that was hush money for keeping secret somebody’s dirty little arrest record???) All those secret withdrawals and payments showed right there that neither one of you should’ve been allowed to abuse the court system to force you back on decent hard-working honest people! Hope citizens are getting their money’s worth – doubt it! … Wonder if all you good folks who received the extra money got the W-2’s too???!

    Now who was the attorney that helped you two do all this??? Looks like he pulled a dirty fast one on Judge Smith (or did he?) with an altered court order that looks questionable…. But that shouldn’t be surprising – what with birds of a feather and all. Seems there’s a little fuzziness around whether or not Mr. Mabry was actually legally reinstated as the accountant??? Hmmm – accountability and discrepancies… Hey, and the jerk who wants to be mayor helped out with all this too!!! Now, wasn’t Mabry’s and Stringfellow’s attorney for all this mess Charles Jones, the guy who just got convicted for tax evasion?!… And now we have all this??? …. Oh but wait, Mr. Mabry still can’t seem to get any accounting work done!!!! Kinda difficult when you have problems simply adding up numbers – Wow!… But he found the discrepancies and the “stolen?” money – yeah, right… Doubt all this looks too good on the 3rd District now…

    And speaking of money tripping, it’s looking more and more obvious why the city’s current attorney strived so hard to delay the city’s audit…. Think about it… and of course he’d definitely want to work with Council to squash any form of public disclosure… Now what about all these candidates’ “talk” about Transparency? Hmph!

    Wonder if Mr. Mabry and friends are looking for another certain Judge ‘Buddy-Friend’ to look out for them now…

    (By the way… Don’t believe me?… It’s all public record – Go check it out for yourselves!)

  17. After reading the story and some of the comments, I must say that I am—at the moment I do not have a word to describe my feelings. I want to clarify and expound on some of the comments that have been posted so the truth will be known.

    Mr. Mabry did not have money as Ms. Felicia helped him. Felicia and Willie did have an affair while Mr. Mabry was married to his second wife. While he was married to his second wife, towards the end of his second marriage, he moved in with Felicia prior to marriage and they rode to church together as if they were married. Before going to Zion, Mr. Mabry was the pastor of a church in Baton Rouge where it was known that Mr. Mabry and Ms. Felicia were having an affair while he was pastor of that church. It was not a secret as it was pretty much all over the churches in BR. It was a shameful act on both of their part. The church that they were married in, Mr. Mabry was not a member of the church unless you count the fact that he came out of that church but his name was not on role. He is a son of the church but not a member of the church. His second wife did not want Mr. Mabry to marry at the church and asked him not to do so but in his ways, he did so. Yes, he did things out of spite to his ex-wife but thankfully, she is a praying woman as she does not hold any grudges towards Mr. Mabry or Ms. Felicia. She did go to her pastor as well as other leaders of the church to ask that the wedding not to be held at the church but they did get married at the church. However, the pastor DID NOT marry them as he was out of town. He was torn because he is friends with both Mr. Mabry and his second wife and I am sure he counseled both of them but things went on as scheduled. Willie and Felicia both are adulterers and the worst part of this is that their sins have brought havoc on those innocent children especially that little precious girl. Yes, their sins brought devastation but ultimately it is Mr. Mabry’s accused actions that led to an alleged earthly crime. My heart and prayers go out to that little girl because they have opened Pandora’s Box on her along with the other kids. The publicity brought on the kids brings me to tears not to mention God’s house.

    It appears that Zion did not vet or did not do a good job on vetting Mr. Mabry because had they vetted him properly, Mr. Mabry would not have pastor that church. 1 Timothy 3 gives characteristics of the selection of a pastor as well as how a pastor is to conduct himself. One wife alone in those scriptures should have ruled out Mr. Mabry to pastor any church of God. The fact that Mr. Mabry was married three times should have been enough to discredit him from any pulpit not to mention his criminal record. They did not attempt to speak with his previous wives especially since his criminal record shows sexual immorality. Since both ex wives had girls, they should have talked with the ex wives to see if he tried anything with the girls but they did not. These are basic vetting questions but surely it is not too late as Zion should do what was not done correctly and vet Mr. Mabry! By talking with the ex wives, they might have determined that Mr. Mabry had continued his behavior or perhaps he had accepted his healing through the name of Jesus. They would have found out that Mr. Mabry committed adultery and he remains an adulterer which again would have resulted in him not being a pastor. Once again, the marriages was enough not to bring him in as pastor. They could have talked with the members of the previous church and not just the leadership. Zion has family members that lives in BR that they could have talked with them as well and perhaps could have asked those ex members in BR to investigate Mr. Mabry or question them to what they know about him. Surely, doing that time, BR churches were full of buzz of Willie and Felicia adultery so those ex church members of Zion would have been able to offer more than what I am offering today.

    Church, this is not about Mr. and Mrs. Mabry or the child per se as this is about the Kingdom of God. A stone has been thrown at the church so the church should rally for the TRUTH and push for an investigation so GOD can be seen more so than what is going on now. The Bible tells us that the charge of two or three witnesses brought against the elder should be investigated. Yes, I know some of you are saying that it is only one thus far but there are criminal records that show at least two more have brought charges with one conviction. That is enough for an investigation. Zion is out of order because Zion is not following the will of God. Let us not leave Zion alone as many of the churches are out of order but I digressed. Therefore, Zion as well as the other churches that have witnesses against the pastors, should seek strongly to show God’s favor by pushing for an investigation. Better yet, do as the Bible says and the church should investigate just as the church that Ted Haggard used to pastor as he was removed from preaching and from the church! If Mr. Mabry is innocent or guilty, that will play out in court and as Christians, GOD’S TRUTH is what we should be seeking regardless of whom it clears or brings down. This is an example of what happens when the church refuse to do what God has ordained as He will allow the outside to do what the church is supposed to do. Why are we like that church? We are more concerned about man than we are about God’s business! God is in the spotlight! The souls of the lost as well as those in the church that is in jeopardy of losing and gaining because the church refuses to do what they are charged to do. Do you know that many want to give their lives over to God but it is us in the church that is standing at the door with the not welcome sign? How are we doing so you might wonder? This is a prime example because instead of the church sitting Mr. Mabry down until the church has investigated especially since his criminal record has surfaced they have continued to allow him to preach. It is not the job of the church to stand behind accusations without investigation.

    One of my prayers for this situation is for the truth to be revealed and God’s will to be followed!

  18. Since my other post was long, I want to address the misquoting of scripture that has taken root in the church. The church has become “Everything goes” because there is neither accountability nor responsibility in many of the churches. We take scriptures out of context to uphold to this false theology.

    1. John 8:7
    American Standard Version
    But when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

    Jesus was not saying that the lady was not guilty and she should not be stoned because the stoners also had sins. During that time, the verdict for adultery was stoning. However, Jesus taught of a different way, do not kill her because through His blood she has the ability to be restored. Jesus’ death on the cross put an end to stoning for sins but restoration for sins after one has repented. To repent means to turn away from sin through our actions and through our mind. Saying sorry does not automatically mean that you have repented as works must go along with the confession which means confession and profession goes hand and hand. Okay, I once again digressed.

    2. Matthew 7

    1″Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    Jesus was not saying that we should not godly judge one another for open sins. What He is saying that we should not judge if we are doing pretty much the same thing or if our sins are known without repentance we have no room to judge you and not that we do not have sins. For example, John Doe and James Doe both are adulterers; neither can talk about the other because both are in the same boat which will make that person a hypocrite. In addition, as Jesus sent out the 72, the 12 and us out to minister, He did not want us to be selective in who receives the Word. For example, if we ran across one of our ex-stumping buddies, He does not want us to say that Jim should not receive the chance to receive Jesus as that is the judging Jesus referenced.

    The church is charged by GOD to JUDGE.
    The book of Corinthians is today’s poster child as that church, like today’s church was messed up. The Corinthians had so much stuff going on it that they made Paul question his severe decision to that church as I believe that the Church of Corinth was on the verge of being excommunicated. Paul said that he was glad that he did not baptize any of them and that they should be off milk and on meat which means that they should be further along in God than they were acting. They had not closed the old life of living and have not fully accepted the new life. They should have been sinning less (not sinless) but sin was the forefront of their lives. There were division/cliques in the church and yes, sexual immorality. The church was a mixture of different religious background and some did not come from a religious background that supposedly accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. However, there were those that wanted to bring in the old ways into the church and wanted the church to accept it and at first they did accept it. The Jews believed that a man could marry his step mother prior to becoming a Jew (proselyte) and his sins are forgiven which means that he could remain married to his step mother as it is thought to be the issue in 1 Corinthians 5. The church boasted about it and Paul said, “And as though I were there, I have already passed judgment on this man.” What did Paul say? He passed what? He passed JUDGMENT on the man! If we are not to judge, then Paul sinned but he did not. To get a better understanding of this scripture, read the following scriptures as this is taken out of the Message Bible which has the same context but worded differently in the other translations.

    1 Corinthians 5
    The Mystery of Sex
    1-2I also received a report of scandalous sex within your church family, a kind that wouldn’t be tolerated even outside the church: One of your men is sleeping with his stepmother. And you’re so above it all that it doesn’t even faze you! Shouldn’t this break your hearts? Shouldn’t it bring you to your knees in tears? Shouldn’t this person and his conduct be confronted and dealt with?
    “ 3-5I’ll tell you what I would do. Even though I’m not there in person, consider me right there with you, because I can fully see what’s going on. I’m telling you that this is wrong. You must not simply look the other way and hope it goes away on its own. Bring it out in the open and deal with it in the authority of Jesus our Master. Assemble the community—I’ll be present in spirit with you and our Master Jesus will be present in power. Hold this man’s conduct up to public scrutiny. Let him defend it if he can! But if he can’t, then out with him! It will be totally devastating to him, of course, and embarrassing to you. But better devastation and embarrassment than damnation. You want him on his feet and forgiven before the Master on the Day of Judgment.”

    Keep in mind that the letters that were sent to the churches did not stay in that church as the letters were circulated amongst the other churches. Understand that Corinth was known as “City of Sin” in particular sexual sin. Aphrodite’s sex temple housed 1000 prostitutes was near the church. The churches boastful acceptance of the sexual act was worst than Aphrodite and her followers as they would not do what the church did! That is saying a lot as the church is supposed to lead and not follow but sad to say just as it was in Corinth it is the same today.

    Notice, Paul did not say to bring him before the government but to bring him before the church. “Community” in that scripture means church. If the church finds him guilty, then he is to be removed from the church. Most churches do not teach those scriptures because those scriptures represent accountability and responsibility which will kill the “Everything Goes” theology that has plagued the church but God never leaves Himself without a witness! Praise God! The church that Haggard used to pastor did follow God’s word. The church investigated and removed Haggard from office, removed him from the church so he could receive help and the investigation did not take three months.

    Paul gives the command that we should not deal with those that proclaim to be Christians and is involved with sexual immortality and other sins. It is called godly judging because you cannot follow the command if we do not godly judge which further shows how the do not judge scripture has been twisted to confirm to the ““Everything Goes” theology.

    “9 When I wrote to you before, I told you not to associate with people who indulge in sexual sin. 10 But I wasn’t talking about unbelievers who indulge in sexual sin, or are greedy, or cheat people, or worship idols. You would have to leave this world to avoid people like that. 11 I meant that you are not to associate with anyone who claims to be a believer yet indulges in sexual sin, or is greedy, or worships idols, or is abusive, or is a drunkard, or cheats people. Don’t even eat with such people.”

    What many do not understand that what we know of as 1 Corinthians is really 2nd Corinthians and what we know of as 2nd Corinthians is really 4th Corinthians. Paul wrote to the church prior to but we do not have that letter but he clarifies his position because apparently the church did not understand who Christians should fellowship. His charge to the church was not to be around those in the church that has known sexual sins and other sins that have not repented which goes further than saying I am sorry. Then Paul gives a command that crushes the twisted scripture of “do not judge”.

    12 It isn’t my responsibility to judge outsiders, but it certainly is your responsibility to judge those inside the church who are sinning. 13 God will judge those on the outside; but as the Scriptures say, “You must remove the evil person from among you.”
    It is whose job to JUDGE those IN THE CHURCH that are sinning? THE CHURCH which means the congregation/flock! The church is NEVER written in the Bible to be the pastor or even the leaders of the church but the entire body of the church. What should the church do, remove the non-repentant sinner from the church. That is not taught, discussed, preached etc in many churches (but God does not leave Himself without a witness) but all that we hear is that we are not supposed to judge. That lie came from the pits of hell! Well, now you have that charge to study the Bible before God so God will bless you with the wisdom to actually know His word as I pray that the church gets back to God’s word! There is so much to say about church discipline but for now we will stick with this lesson.

    Just as the today’s churches are not listening to God, the Church of Corinth at first did not heed Paul’s word! They bucked him and Paul refused to see them again because his visits were not pleasant but they continued against the command which left Paul no choice but to get hard with them. As a result, Paul at first was sorry that he wrote the letter which has not been found so all we know is that the letter was a severe godly judgment upon the Church of Corinth. In 2 Corinthians in the beginning of chapter 2 and chapter 7, we find that the church finally heeded Paul’s commands and I do pray that today’s church will heed God’s word and GODLY JUDGE THE CHURCH and to remove the unrepentant sinners!

    So, church, using the twisted scripture of not judging, surely the Church of Corinth would not have been in position to judge anyone so Paul using today’s ill theology of not judging was out of order to demand that the church to judge. Thank God Paul did not believe in today’s theology as he believed in God’s word! Church, let us go about our Father’s business and return to God’s word!

  19. Correcting my grammar error:

    Instead of:

    The church that they were married in, Mr. Mabry was not a member of the church unless you count the fact that he came out of that church but his name was not on ROLE.

    It should be roll and not role.


  20. well all of you are on her side well i am personally the sister of the said victim and no not Felicia child but her niece my mom passed in 06 from breast cancer and all those crazy things being said about her are true i have not been able to see my brother or sister since she has taken them my number is 504 261 7550 please any one that can help me find and get my sister and brother back i beg you all please stop gossiping about my sister and do something to help me i need help please reach out to me because Felicia will put you all in a world where you don’t belong please help me

  21. and im not on mabry side but i have a strong believe he did not do these things now if he did he should be killed that is my little sister but Felicia is no child and she knows what she is doing plenty of times she called my mom and told her how to play detective against my step dad please you all HELP ME GET MY SISTER BEFORE ITS TO LATE I AM BEGGING

  22. WILLIE MABRY, KARL STEPHENS, EVELYN FALCO AND KIMBERLY DARENSBOURG all have criminal records, rap sheets, been arrested, convicted and locked up. Felicia Mabry has never been accused or convicted of any crime ever. I do not believe a word from these convicts. You say Felicia has been married multiple times and once even married her own father. Are you that desperate to destroy this woman’s credibility? She didn’t make allegations, that child did. You aren’t calling Felicia a liar, you are calling that child a liar. Best you got against Felicia is that she got married and divorced and watched TV while in bed with breast cancer? Still, you don’t mention that WILLIE MABRY IS IN THE PULPIT AND BEEN MARRIED AND DIVORCED THREE TIMES. And, we wonder why our churches are doomed. Get a clue.

    1. lemme tell you something for you to sit and to degrade me talk about me and slander my name should find you and press charges i dont care what i have done dont none of you all wake me in the morning or plan my future you is so right i have been to juvenile jail and recently to new orleans jail for aggravated battery and i served my time im not ashamed and since it was self defense my charge was dropped down so before you go looking me up try to fix your own mess,,, nobody perfect how about you talk about what you have done im young honey and i make mistakes but you are not gonna bash me like you perfect i never said nobody was right i simply said something has to be wrong with her cus she wont allow me to see my siblings why ion know but NOTHING justifies the reson and i was wrong for talking against my aunt i love her and it may be true that she may have some issues hell we alllll do but who wouldnt have issues raising three children by they self last time i checked you aint bircth me pay no bills for me clothe me wake me up or bless me so what ima do for you is pray for you ima pray for allll us cus obviously we need good day be blessed judger

    1 Felicia and her husband were legally separated and living in two different regions of the country. He started seeing another woman first and then he and Felicia mutually decided to date other people while waiting for their divorce to be final. Neither Felicia or her husband were sneaking around. They resumed their lives while waiting on their divorce and each knew the other was dating and had the other’s support and blessing. Not an uncommon situation.

    2 Willie Mabry deceived Felicia by not telling her that he was married for several months after dating her. He even took off his wedding ring and never mentioned his wife. Willie Mabry and his wife were separated at the time and also living in separate residences and Mabry’s home had no sign of any woman ever being there. The only one who lied was Willie Mabry.

    3. However many times Felicia has been married, it obviously didn’t bother Willie Mabry any because he volunteered to be next..

  24. any body with info please call kimberly she is looking for her sister and brother five zero four four three five seven three five eight

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